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The apArt Private Gallery is a Brazilian private art space and concept that organizes and hosts customized exhibitions and cultural events besides rental or sale masterpieces and is debuting in New York. From June 30 to July 22, it will display "Other Color” with exclusive Marc Baptiste pieces. The photographer was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and became recognized by his portraits of personalities such as Barack Obama, Beyonce, Shakira, Janelle Monae, Idris Elba, Pharrell Williams, Erykah Badu and Chloe Sevigny, among others.  (

The show is curated by Maria Inês Moraes and is going to present 30 exclusives photographs, all in black and white. It is focused on the human figure, showing the public or intimate moments of the people portrayed by him. The meaning of all the works is to explore the concept that subconsciously, we are all black and white - not just black, not just white. We have in common a single color: blackwhite. Oftentimes, we do not see it amongst the many other colors in life, but the art of photography revealed in this exhibition can show this “Other Color” in delicate nuances, sets of lights, shadows, and reflections.

With its first international exhibition, the apArt Private Gallery of São Paulo, Brazil, exports the intimate style that enshrined it in the art market by receiving exhibitions and art admirers in a private apartment. This new concept took place at home, created by Thais Marin (former advertising account director) and Leo Macias (creative director), with fully personalized service. In New York, the show takes place in the gallery home of Maria Inês Moraes, collector and curator, in the modern Upper East Side.

The opening will be held on June 30 in an exclusive and sensorial event for guests. People interested in visiting the show from July 1 to 22 can schedule through or by email: The pictures can be purchased throughout the exhibition period. On the final, some of them may also be rented, as several other works were already shown in APART Private Gallery Brazil.

Part of the sales will be donated to a Brazilian charity: Da Terra Brasil Foundation.


About the Curator, Maria Inês Moraes

A Brazilian who has lived in New York for over 30 years, Maria Inês Moraes is passionate about art. As a larger collector, she turned her apartment into a gallery home matching an apArt conception. Maria Inês Moraes has done several art events, and was the curator for 3 of them. Now, she is starting an innovative project, opening a super gallery on a farm in New Paltz, NY, that will transform the market for many artists, collectors, and art lovers in that region.



“Other Color” by Marc Baptiste, New York
Exclusive opening for guests on June 30, 2016.
Open to scheduled visitors from July 1to July 22, 2016
Contact: or e-mail
Upper East Side - Manhattan - New York (address will be sent upon reservation).